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Knighton / Tref-y-clawdd (the town on the dyke)

Knighton / Tref-y-clawdd (the town on the dyke)

January 1st, 2013
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Knighton is an old town with sloping winding streets and half timbered houses. This title photo shows the Knighton Clock Tower, built in 1872, at the foot of the ‘Narrows’. The ‘Narrows’ is a steep narrow street lined with interesting buildings dating from the 17th century. Behind the 300 year old façade of the “Old House” stood a cruck built open hall which could have survived since the town was founded in Norman times. The nearby Horse and Jockey is a stone house of medieval origin.
Knighton station is on the famous Heart of Wales Railway line linking Swansea and Shrewsbury

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